Manifest Design Inc. is a Michigan-based company that was founded in 2012 by Alia Bazzi. Initially, the company solely specialized in graphic and web design services, which included managing the overall design of print, as well as online communications, newsletters, annual reports, event programs, brochures, and brand ads. Alia’s bilingual abilities and background in multi-cultural design, allowed her the opportunity to work with reputable businesses and individuals in both North America and the Middle east. A few of our clients: Detroit Lions NFL player Nick Fairley, Walbridge Built for Good, Devon Contracting Inc., Jackson-Dawson Communications, Ford Motors Middle East, Volunteers of America, Yogurtown Frozen Yogurt, and HYPE Recreation Center.

Alia Bazzi founder of Manifest Design inc., River of Truth Cup and  Imam Hussain Cup

In 2016, Alia quickly found her way becoming interested in other areas of design
such as manufacturing and product development. The “River of Truth Al-Hussain
Ibn Ali”
is a cup with LED lights and sound. It is a very simple way to familiarize kids with Imam Al-Hussain (pbuh).

Alia's aim is to help create a strong bond between children and Imam Al-Hussain (pbuh), the same way they look at superheroes as inspiration. Imam Al-Hussain has taught us all to never give up, and to always strive for peace and justice in every aspect of life. We pray this product will serve its purpose and remind us all of the sacrifice that was made for the sake of humanity.

Fatimah Bazzi, Alia's older sister, holds an MBA from Lawrence Technological University and has a TESL certificate. She is passionate about teaching and educating young Muslim children about the beauty of the religion of Islam, especially through the teachings of Ahlul Bayt (peace be upon them). For this reason, Fatimah writes children's Islamic books. She has published "Muharram Nights" and "Mila Wears the Hijab". She is excited to see that her books are aligned with her purpose, and children love and continue to benefit from them.

Fatimah is a mother to two wonderful kids, Tia and Ali.

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