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A product that I'm happy to endorse. Get one of these cups to gently imprint the name & memory of Imam Hussein into your kids. Keep it up!

Sayed Mahdi Modarresi, Founder of Ahlul Bayt TV

Great business to support. Creative way to keep children connected to Ahlul Bayt.

Shaykh Azhar Nasser, Founder of Tasneem Institute

This is a great project to help inspire children to learn about Imam Husayn's great stand against injustice & oppression. Please support.

Sayed Hadi Qazwini, Researcher & Educator

Nice product and good idea

Sheikh Mohammed Al-Hilli

A project for Imam Hussain (as) worthy of support.

Sayed Hossein Qazwini

Let's Get Started

Find plenty of ways to show your support below. 

Let us help create a strong bond between children and Imam Al-Hussain (pbuh), the same way they look at superheroes as inspirations for them. Imam Al-Hussain has taught us all to never give up and always strive for peace and justice in everything we do.

The Power of Sharing

Whether your mosque, community center or school is big or small, it’s a cornerstone of your community and we need your help in making a difference! Raise awareness by:

• Sharing the River of Truth commercial on your website, social media platform, e-blast or newsletter.

We Offer Volume Discounts 

We do encourage our customers to place large orders and we are pleased to offer volume discounts. We are happy to provide cost estimates to all customers seeking a quote. Please drop us a line on our contact page.

Remember us in your duaas

There is nothing more dear to Allah (swt) than a servant making duaa to Him.