Annual Hijab Tea Party
Annual Hijab Tea Party Event Speakers
Annual Hijab Tea Party

Annual Hijab Tea Party

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Annual Hijab Tea Party

Join us for an enriching event which will provide a framework on Islamic principles and values that will inspire and encourage young Muslim girls to understand the essence of hijab.

Bringing together community guest speakers who will provide a transformational experience to enhance girls’ spiritual and mental practices as well as strengthen belief understandings.

Event is in collaboration with:

  • River of Truth
  • Islamic Institute of America (IIA)
  • Youth of Wisdom

Event details:

  • Sunday, April 21st 
  • 3:00PM - 6:00PM
  • Ages 9-14
  • $45/Child
  • Food and desserts will be served

Event breakdown:

The event will focus on takleef, salat, and purification. Bringing together significant community personalities who represent the hijab, the event will focus on increasing young girls' self-confidence in a way that encourages them to be their own leaders rather than followers of the trend. A life coach will discuss with the girls how to maintain their motivation and character strength.

  • Introduction: ice-breaker activity
  • When do I become responsible for the hijab?
  • What is takleef, the meaning and assigned duties of it.
  • Salat- how to perform salat
  • How to perform wudhu
  • Purification
  • Hajj 
  • Zakat- obligation and charity

Components of the hijab:

  • Modesty
  • Haya/Shyness- positive meaning of shyness.
  • Hijab wearing tutorial.
  • Example of modest dressing styles

Event speakers:

  • Fatimah Bazzi, Author
    Certified Parent Educator
  • Saeda Elahi, NP-C
    Head of Youth Development and Islamic Studies at the Islamic House of Wisdom
  • Zeinab Zahreldin, LMSW


  • Islamic Institute of America (IIA) Banquet Hall in Dearborn Heights, MI.